We'd have to invent a Fran Lebowitz if she didn't exist. I share your exuberance for her, the persona, the clothing, the—can one refer to a woman's "curmudgeonliness" or would it be cronishness? Whatever. I feel the same way about tuning out the news and listening to Marty and Fran. #MeTooNewJerseyEscapee trained to be a wife (which I am not). But I ran West. However, I do miss the NYC that I frequented in that long-ago century reached by 15-min train ride from Rahway. And however hard-hearted Fran may sound (it's her dyed-in-the-wool schtick), she always comes through with something soft-hearted (the Ali fight she couldn't bear to watch) and deep--just listen to her. Everyone, tune out the news, listen to Fran!

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